Days of van Meowogh - Painting Happiness

A puzzle game featuring a cat painter who goes on an adventure to bring back luxury and coziness back to his mansion!

van Meowogh
I'm happy to meet you ♪
Do you know who I am?
Do you wanna be my girlfriend?
Don't you think I'm pretty?
Where's my paradise?
I'm starving!



Vincent van Meowogh
I got this!
Voice Actor : Tomokazu Sugita
A broke painter who has a massive debt and lives in a desolated mansion. His life has been tough ever since his master passed away. With his roommate Theo, he does everything he can to make his mansion looking beautiful again.
Meowogh, I know you can do this!
Voice Actor: Hikaru Kayo
Meowogh's roommate. He usually does the chores around the house. It is his job to encourage Meowogh when he procrastinates painting. He loves cheese.
Let's have fun!
Voice Actor: Yuki Itagaki
He is a popular and talented painter. His personality is the opposite of Meowogh and he rarely praises his art. He loves pretty girls.
I want to go to a paradise right now!
Voice Actor: Ryo Tachibana
Member of the Broke Painter's Club. He is selfish and does collide with Meowogh quite often, but they are great rivals and inspire each other.
Come and visit me at the cafe anytime ♪
Voice Actress: Yu Soma
She is a popular waitress at the café Montparnasse which is loved by many artists. She is mysterious and a natural born teaser, and Meowogh is enchanted by her.
I'm starving~!
Voice Actress: Ayaka Maekawa
Member of the Broke Painter's Club. He encourages and motivates Meowogh, and is a comfort to him. He loves to eat.
I'm the Dali!
Voice Actor: Ryo Tachibana
Member of the Broke Painter's Club. He considers himself genius and is feared by Picasso. Most of the time, what he is saying doesn't make sense.


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Niagho is...

Producer / Director
Masanori Takeuchi
Art Director / Character Designer
Aya Morooka
Susumu Funabashi
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Niagho
  • Hikaru Kayou as Theo
  • Yuu Souma as Kiki / Copas
  • Yuki Itagaki as Picasso / Porce / Gibert
  • Ryo Tachibana as Gauguin / Dali / Loup
  • Ayaka Maekawa as Monet / Violet / Fukufuku
Art Unit
  • Aya Morooka
  • Elena Dragu
Design Unit
  • Masanori Takeuchi
  • Kyeongpyo Kang
Visual Effects Unit
  • Shinsaku Hiroi
  • Rie Matsuba
  • Aya Yamazaki
Programming Unit
  • Yongshik Cho
  • Tomohiro Ataka
  • Shogo Yanuma
  • Geonu Kim
Game Design Unit
  • Mahito Sakaguchi
  • Sadaharu Katori
  • Yusuke Sano
Music by
Megumi Sasano
Sound by
Promotion Unit
  • Miki Ito
  • Megumi Ota
Promotion Movie by
Norihisa Susai
<Clay Animation by Lunch Box Studios LLP>
Director / Screenwriter / Art Director / Director of Photography / Film Editor
Takuro Oishi (Lunch Box Studios)
Shota Ogawa
Lighting Technician
Taku Amano
Puppet Model Department
  • Takuro Oishi (Lunch Box Studios)
  • Hideki Kimura
Art Set Department
  • Takuro Oishi (Lunch Box Studios)
  • Shota Ogawa
  • Yuko Miyajima (Atelier KOCKA)
  • Keiji Ikeda(Atelier KOCKA )
  • Hiromi Matsuoka
  • Naoto Yoshiba
  • Yusuke Yokoyama
  • Saori Suzuki
  • Saki Nakata
  • Yurika Endou
Web Unit
  • Masashi Saruta
  • Koji Ikezawa
<Localization Unit>
Localization Producer
Keunte Park
Localization Director
Jeongheon Park
English:Localization Director
  • Yukiko Taga
  • Kai Eto
Korean:Localization Director
Jaeho Shin
Chinese:Localization Director
  • Grace Yoon
  • Yusi Wan
  • Yang Zhou
  • Kaichao Xie
French:Localization Director
Vanessa Ramon
German:Localization Director
Andriy Löffler
Special Thanks
  • Yoshiaki Sen
  • Sunghoon Kim
  • Mai Ishiwatari
  • Kuniharu Takemae
  • Mana Hayashi
  • Eunmi Hong
  • Daisuke Okada
  • Jeongtaek Kim
  • Naomi Ueta
  • Mami Miyazaki
  • Natsuki Tsukamoto
  • Rika Igami
  • Mami Katayama
  • All cocone members